iMet, the metabolite identification tool using tandem MS/MS spectrometry. Usage is as follows:
  • Choose positive or negative ionization.
  • Enter the parental ion peak mass (in Da).
  • Click on any of the blue buttons to submit a spectrum. Note that you can submit more than one spectrum, as long as it belongs to the same sample. IMPORTANT! The format is strict, and each spectrum MUST be a text file containing at least two columns, the first one should contain the m/z of each peak, and the second the relative intensity corresponding to that m/z. Separation between columns can be a white space or a comma (csv-like file). All lines starting with the "#" character will be ignored by the algorithm.
  • Click Send to submit your job.
  • Click Clear to start over from scratch.
Once you submit your query, a panel will appear stating whether your job was sent correctly or whether there was some error. If there were no errors, the panel will also display a link to the results page, and a brief summary of the input options sent.

This page is in alpha version. Do not hesitate to contact us if you find any problems or bugs.


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Select positive ionization.
Select the exact mass. For our test sample, set 328.3209.
Next step is to select which files you want to send for the computation
Download the 0V Spectrum file and upload it here.
Download the 10V Spectrum file and upload it here.
Download the 20V Spectrum file and upload it here.
Download the 40V Spectrum file and upload it here.
Use this button if you want to start again the form.
Send the job. You will be provided with a link to check if your results are ready.
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